Fever and Headache

What you can do to bring down the fever is to lie down. Rest is the best remedy for fever and headache.

Ensure that you drink plenty of fluids. Dress warmly and ensure that you are covered when you sleep. If your temperature goes higher, you can dip a handkerchief or a thin towel in a bowl of cold water and use this as a compress on your forehead.

You can also use cold water to bathe the soles of your feet. Eat only soft food and avoid drinking too much coffee or tea. Eat food that is easy to digest and avoid drinking carbonated drinks. You can roast a few fenugreek seeds and powder them. Add a tablespoon of this to one cup of water and boil. Strain it and drink it with a little honey. You can make an herbal infusion by adding pieces of peeled, chopped ginger and some holy basil leaves.
A headache can be cured by using a bag packed with ice cubes on your head. Another easy remedy is to cut off a large piece of aluminum foil and keep it in the freezer section of your fridge. Take it out a little later and use this on your forehead.

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