Acidity – How to get relax from Acidity

There are various home remedies for treating acidity that are safe and effective.
• A simple remedy is to take 1-2 glasses of water in empty stomach early in the morning.
• Consume Aloe Vera juice. It is also available in capsules. Aloe vera contains some anti-inflammatory fatty acids that neutralize stomach acidity.
• Consume few tulsi (Basil) leaves or for better results boil few leaves in water and take this water morning and evening.
• Ayurvedic medicine suggests consuming amla (Indian Gooseberry) with warm milk is very effective. For convenience you may also take Amla capsules, they can be bought in any Indian store and are natural.
• After meal try taking a glass of mint juice, this helps to reduce acidity big time.
• Intake cold milk, this is very good for treating acidity in particular during pregnancy.
• Consume fruits like banana, papaya, cucumber and watermelon; all these will relieve you from acidity.
• Eating a couple of raw almonds or raw garlic pods is helpful in treating acidity.
• Acidity or heart burn during pregnancy is a common condition and it is important to sleep in the right position and right elevation (keep head on a high pillow), to reduce acidity.

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