Cycling with the whole family

Even those who have family, does not dispense onto Cycling: parents of young children can take their children comfortable in the bike trailer

Tips for the cycling

Beautiful weather is ideal for cycling. Also, parents of young children can enjoy a tour in the countryside. The exercise in the fresh air is an experience for the whole family and also healthy. “Cycling trained heart and circulation, strengthens muscles, improves lung function and strengthens the immune system,” Dr. Detlef Schmidt, doctor says in AOK Bundesverband. It is easy on the joints and cycling is relaxing.

Parents can easily take their children, who do not own pedaling, the bicycle trailer. In it, two children play and sleep. “Watch out for seat belts that can not even open the offspring,” recommends physicians Schmidt. The trailer should have a low center of gravity, so it does not so easily tilts and have a rear left tail light. Equipped with reflectors and a pennant is the vehicle more visible. The clutch is attached to the traction wheel, which should have good brakes.

Only moves a child with, the adults can take it on a child seat, if it is not older than seven. The seat should be adjusted to the size of the child and have the GS mark for “Tested Safety”. The feet of the child may not be able to get into the spokes. Babies up to the eighth month of life should not be transported in the car seat, the parents, because her neck can not compensate for vibrations.

Helmets are useful

To prevent injury, it is recommended that the offspring wearing a helmet both in the trailer and in the child seat. Convenient for family bike rides are also tandem bicycles or attachments, so-called trailer bikes. Then parents and children can travel long distances together. When a trailer bikes for children and a adult bike using a special coupling or drawbar tandem together.

Before the bike ride starts, the adults should include the children according to age in the planning. The tour leads to an attractive target, such as a playground, swimming pool or an ice cream parlor, fun for the little ones is particularly large. “Build an intermediate goals to which all can rejoice,” said Schmidt AOK doctor. These are, for example, a pond, a wildlife park or a beautiful lawn for picnicking. It is also interesting to consciously experience the nature by observing common animals and plants discovered.

Select arms traffic routes

If all wheel drive yourself, the route should only be so long that even the weakest can do it. If you are traveling with children, should cycle on quiet roads off the main roads, on which all can move safely and freely. Nevertheless, it is important to train before the traffic safety. So five year olds can practice safe behavior on the road under the guidance already in youth traffic schools.
Your pace should adjust the adults to the children. On roads they should go behind their offspring, always slightly offset toward the road. A bicycle tour in the group, it is recommended that an experienced cyclist moves forward and another forms the rear guard and shall ensure that none loses the connection to the group.

Breaks for games and relaxation

“Take a break every hour for about 15 minutes,” advises Smith. This is important so that the little ones who ride in the trailer or in the car seat, can romp between. There is also advisable to bring toys such as a ball or a Frisbee. But even children who mitra needles themselves, need frequent breaks. Especially in the summer when it’s hot, you should also always be the possibility of something to drink.
Since children often have between hunger or thirst, include enough food and drinks to the tour luggage. Healthy snacks are fruit, sandwiches and vegetables, such as chopped cucumbers, peppers and carrots. To quench thirst is best mineral water. It is also a weatherproof clothing. Especially children who do not drive yourself, should be dressed warmly enough.

In addition to a bike map, bike repair kit and an air pump, a small first aid kit is in the luggage. They should contain, besides sunscreen, a first aid kit, plasters and insect repellent. “Take also with a cell phone to call for help in an emergency,” suggests Schmidt. Stowed in water-repellent bike panniers or a large backpack, luggage stays dry even in a small rain.

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