Having fever with cold & cough

Try this home remedy -
Boil white onion .Drain the juice by squeezing the onion .Take 1 teaspoon of onion juice and add equal quantity of honey to it.Drink this potion twice a day .Can be taken even with cough and fever

3 thoughts on “Having fever with cold & cough

  1. Aizad

    Hi Bryan, I just heard you were blogging! Very fun to read about your life in Poland. Sounds like you are hnvaig the greatest experience! I’m impressed by your apparent love of teaching and how much you enjoy your students. It didn’t take you long to find friends to do things with, your little trips, explorations, and your future bigger trips sound so awesome. I’m so happy to hear its going well for you! Glad you’re feeling better, and have a wonderful time in Paris. Thanks for sharing your daily life and adventures. Love, your Aunt Mia

  2. Alberto

    Oh how I love to see pictures of YOU, fnlaliy! You look good and so happy. I just love all your pictures. They are so creative. I recognize the last 2 pictures the statue of Charlemagne and what looks like the park near our hotel, although it could be any park, I suppose. Your pictures of the architecture of the buildings capture the beauty of the city and I love looking at them. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures! They really capture the beauty of Paris.Love you, Mom


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