Health Is Wealth – Daily Food Habits

It is pointed out that it is unnecessary for the housewife to calculate the number of calories, the amounts of protein, this particular vitamin, or that particular mineral she was supplying in the daily diet of her family. We suggest that a diet made of the following foods would provide all the necessary nutrients:-
1.MILK: At least 1/2 litre daily and more for children.
2.CHEESE AND PULSES: At least once per day.
3.MEAT, FISH OR EGGS: Once in 2-3 days-for non vegetarians .This can be supplemented by dry fruits for vegetarians.
4.FRUIT: At least once daily, preferably in breakfast.
5.VEGETABLE: Two kinds’ daily and including one green vegetable. Salad should also be taken with each meal.
6.FAT: butter or ghee /oil.
7.CEREALS: Wheat flour is the most valuable.
8.WATER: About 2 litre daily, half in the form of water & remaining can be in the form of milk/tea/ coffee/juices.

Then eat any other foods you like in order to satisfy your appetite. The more varied in the diet the less likely it is to be deficient in any one nutrient.

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