Home remedies for fever blisters

Aloe Vera: the skin experts recommend aloe Vera gel for treating sores as well as other skin ailments. Apply the gel immediately if you experience itchiness, burning, or tingling of the fever blister. This gel should be applied directly from the leaf of aloe Vera.
Teabags: many people have relieved the symptoms of fever blisters using teabag. Dip a teabag on boiling water for few minutes. Wait for the teabag to cool before placing it on the affected area.
Aromatherapy: there are several cases of people who have successfully treated fever blisters using essential oils such as geranium, bergamot, rose, tea tree and lemon balm. However, you should dilute these oils before applying it to the affected area.
Cornstarch: usually, fever blisters are quite itchy and may lead to skin irritation. Add corn starch paste to small amount of water to make a paste. Apply this paste directly on to the affected area and allow it to dry up. Then rinse the paste with clean water and this will produce amazing results within few days.
Salt: dab your index finger on a bowl of ordinary table salt then press on the blister for up to one minute. This procedure should be repeated twice a day for up to three days.
Honey: it is well known that honey has antifungal, antiviral and antibiotic properties that fight off any kind of infection faster. Apply few drops of honey on the blister using your fingers. Using honey is the most effective way to remove fever blisters.
Ice: place pieces of ice on the ice on the blister for about 15 minutes every hour. This eases the pain as well as reducing the swelling and bleeding. Alternatively, you can use cold water instead of ice cubes.
Petroleum jelly: apply small amount of petroleum jelly on the affected area twice a day. Petroleum jelly keeps the blisters from cracking and bleeding as well as reducing the pains associated with blisters.
Sage Tea: add small amount of ginger powdered to a cup of fresh sage tea. Drink this tea a couple of times in a day. Sage tea relieves any discomfort caused by fever blisters.
White vinegar: this home remedy for fever blister is effective in slowing down the development of blister patches. Dip a cotton cloth in white vinegar and apply it directed on the affected areas. White vinegar helps to reduce swelling as well as relieving swelling to a great extent.

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