Home Remedies for Hiccups

1.Holding breath as much as possible stops Hiccough.
2.Diverting attention stops Hiccough.
3.If Hiccough is due to indigestion then taking water with soda helps. Remember not to drink anything hot.
4.Sucking Sugar or Jaggery (Gue) or Sugar candy (Mishri) or Ginger or Clove helps to cure Hiccough.
5.Chewing Radish (Muli) leaves gives instant relief from Hiccough.
6.Chewing Mint (pudina) leaves gives instant relief from Hiccough.
7.Sucking Lemon piece gives instant relief from Hiccough.
8.Dry Ginger powder smelled also stops Hiccough.
9.Eating a spoon of honey gives instant relief from Hiccough.
10.Drinking Sugar cane (ganna) juice helps to overcome Hiccough.
11.Drinking a spoon of basil juice (Tulsi) with half spoon of Honey twice a day helps to stop prolonged and regular Hiccough.
12.Eating a pinch of Asafoetida (Hing) kept inside a Banana fruit pulp of Asafoetida with jaggery helps to stop Hiccough Immediately.

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