Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do at home to prevent kidney stones and to lessen the severity of attacks. These mentioned home remedies for kidney stones are simple, inexpensive, and safe.
1. Drink eight glasses of water every day. Actually, the scientific evidence indicates that the benefits of drinking water kick in at about five glasses a day, but if you have kidney stones and you are not currently having an attack, it’s always best to drink as much water as you can.

2. Drink coffee, tea, wine, and beer as desired. The Harvard School of Public health has found that drinking 1 cup (240 ml) of regular or decaf coffee every day reduces the risk of kidney stones by 10%. Drinking a beer a day (more precisely, drinking 240 ml of beer a day, which is less than the average can of beer) reduces the risk of kidney stones by 21%. And drinking a glass of wine a day reduces the risk of kidney stones by 39%. Drinking more coffee, beer, or wine, however, is of no additional benefit.
3.Drink mineral water. Mineral water reduces concentrations of calcium and uric acid, making the urine less alkaline and less likely to form stones. And, finally, to mangle a well-known aphorism,
4. When life hands you kidney stones, drink lemonade. Most citrus juices contain compounds that accelerate the formation of stones. Lemon juice contains unusually high concentrates of citrate, which stops the formation of calcium stones. It also increases the volume of urination. Limeade is equally effective.
1. Drink milk. Most kidney stones contain calcium, so it would make logical sense that consuming less calcium would lower the risk of stones. Actually, the exact opposite happens. At least in men, a low-calcium diet nearly doubles the risk of stones. Taking calcium supplements, in women, lowers the risk of stones.
2. Avoid eating too much meat. Only about one-third of people who get kidney stones suffer negative effects of a high-protein diet. For the kidney stone sufferers, however, a meat-free diet can be very helpful. The only way to find out if you are in that one-third is to give a vegetarian diet a try for three to four months.
3. Don’t drink juice (except lemon juice). In the same study, the Harvard School of Public Health found that drinking a cup of apple juice every day increases the risk of kidney stones by 75%, and drinking a cup or orange juice or grapefruit juice every day increases the risk of stones by 85%. Cranberry extract also raises the risk of stones, although unsweetened juice reduces it. The negative effects of fruit juices are worse when juice is the only fluid consumed at a meal.

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