Skin Tags


        The scientific name of skin tags are Achrochordon, Pendulum fibroma, Soft fibroma, Templeton skin tags etc…..these growth are not harmful to our body.

These tags can be seen generally in any part of the body mostly these tags are appeared on armpits, lower portion of breast, upper portion of chest and neck, generally it will cause there is rapid rubbing of skin with skin. They have no particular shape; they are composed of duct, fatty cells, fibers covered with epidermis.

        These skin tags are common in middle age people, who are suffering from obesity, diabetes & pregnant ladies. These skin tags can be appear in both men and women equally there is no change.

Causes of skin tags:

  •  Bunches of blood vessels are stuck up in the inner bits of the skin and leads to skin tags.
  • By rubbing skin with skin occurs in armpits, folds etc..
  • The main causes of skin tags are hereditary.

Treatment for skin tags:

        Actually we don’t have any problem with skin tags if you feel uncomfortable to do shaving; you got irritation when you rubbed with cloth. we have some treatments that are used to remove skin tags.

  • By using heat you can remove tags, by burning of using electrolysis.
  • By interrupting the blood flow to the skin tag.
  • By using liquid nitrogen.

 Above treatments should be followed by a trained medical (or) dermatologist.

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