Frequently Asked Questions

(1) May I know Meditag in a more simplified way?
Ans: Meditag is a site which provides a unique user id to each member where he can store all medical records which can be used in emergencies as well as at any point of time whenever required. Also Meditag member is being provided with a card and a tag on which important information like his Meditag user id, name, blood group, critical illness and emergency contact details. The card can be easily carried in a pocket as well as a tag that can be stuck to his daily used stuff like mobile, watch, bracelet, pendent etc.

(2) What are benefits of Meditag?
Ans: Basically Meditag not only acts as a tool for saving your medical record but also helps other to inform your near ones & save the essential time of doctor by informing any of the critical illness & past medical history & blood details which can be required to operate you in an emergency.

(3) What are the other benefits I am going to get?
Ans: Other facility like sms for your daily medication, exercise, periodic reminders for doctor’s appointment, immunization etc. Will be provided. We will also be providing some important health related tips.

(4) Is the site accessible anywhere and to anybody?
Ans: Yes, the site is accessible to everyone and everywhere. But your medical records cannot be accessed until the person is not aware of your Meditag id and date of birth.

(5) Further can I make changes in my form and what is the process?
Ans: Yes, you can make changes in medical history at any time. Changes like change in Date of Birth, Blood group, Family details can only be changed by contact with Meditag customer care.

(6) In case the place where I am admitted in an emergency does not have any computer facility then?
Ans: We provide 24 hours customer care call-centre where anyone can get your medical & any other details as required.

(7) If I lose my card and tag, then?
Ans: You need to order for another card for which you will have to pay some nominal charges of Rs 120/- towards courier and regenerating Meditag card & tag.

(8) In how many days will I get the card and tag?
Ans: Explaining the process: Once you are enroll for Meditag; the data will be uploaded in system and 2 copies of it will be couriered to you within 3 working days; which you need to carefully check and sign. Any changes in form should be rectified and duly sign near the changes made and at the end of the specified space of the form and then it should be sent back to Meditag office. After which within 07 working days you will get Meditag final copy, card and a tag (which is a label & can be placed to wrist or any other place which can be visualized easily).

(9) What are the charges I need to pay?
Ans: Nominal charge of Rs 499/- being paid towards the facility. Any special scheme available at a time for you purchasing, then that price will be applicable.

(10) For how much time is this facility and what are the renewal charges?
Ans: Presently this facility is valid for 1 year and after a year a nominal renewal charge will be paid to continue the facility.

(11) Any discounts or scheme I will get if I register now?
Ans: Special schemes and offers are coming time to time. It will be seen on the website.

(12) Do you have a receipt of my payment?
Ans: Yes, you will be getting a receipt of your payment only after accepting enrollment amount. This will be the confirmation of enrollment.

(13) Can I become an adviser? What benefit I’m going to get?
Ans: Yes, you can become our adviser. You need to just get it enrolled by simply log into the site and have to check in retailer log in for knowing the formalities to be completed for advisers. For knowing benefits or any other information kindly call our customer care .

(14) How can adviser get online registration?
Ans: Adviser gets a unique user id maintained with password where he can enroll the customer for Meditag. He needs to log in with key on retail registration.

(15) What all is mentioned in card and tag?
Ans: Details captured in card & tag are customer name, photograph, Date of Birth, Blood group & Emergency contact no.