What is MediTag?

MediTag is an online service that safe and securely stores your health information. One can update information from multiple sources own, hospital, family doctors, labs, clinics, etc in your MediTag health account. We digitize your hard copy paper file containing all your records. Same can be view, search, use and control on emergency situation or any updating.

As you all know life has uncertainty like personal illness, case of serious accident & has certainly like journey of senior citizen. Each one of us are behind saving some portion of our present earning for our better future. We get our investments in insurance plans, banks, property, equity shares etc. , but what we forget is about our present and past health issues which can affect our future. Saving of Medical history is again your investment to be healthy and help on medical emergency.
But that’s not it. You can do a lot more with MediTag

Key highlights

  • Store digital and scanned health records for all your family members.
  • Find medications and scanned copies of medical documents whenever and wherever.
  • Access your records from any Internet connection, even while travelling or in case of any emergency.
  • You can create Emergency profile from your critical illness
  • You may also scan and upload your medical records yourself any soft copies you receive from hospitals, labs or physicians.
  • You will be able to set up appointments with Doctors, Hospitals and labs within the MediTag Network.
  • You can safely and securely share your health information with your family members and doctors/ other medical practitioners in MediTag network.
  • You can share your entire or customise medical information to anybody in view and printable form.